Thursday, March 13, 2008

proof of the [pig] pudding and other cooking adventures

I have built computers. Tackled hairy tech problems. Installed some serious shit in both Macs and Windows machines. But it's taken until now for Barbara and I to figure out how to get the wee pictures out of the wee cellphone. Here you go, proof that bacon cups can be made at home:

First, with potatoes......and then some eggs thrown in for good measure.

Playing with food has a particular appeal to me. I'm sure that statement says something dark and damaged about my psyche but, what the fuck, it makes me happy. I have even cooked on my car engine from this brilliant masterpiece:

Actually, I've cooked on a car engine three times. The sausage with onions and peppers was my favorite.


Dr. Ding said...

I wish the English language contained a single word that fully described just how good these bacon cups were. Something other than "bacolicious" or "porkerrific"...

God. They were a thing of beauty and will live in my heart, probably literally, forever.

TUFFENUF said...

Remember when we took a trip from my house to some faraway beach years ago and you cooked on the van engine? Ah! -the memories of you in your oven mitts beside the road warms my heart! -N

Epiphenita said...

You are too sweet, N. Yes, that was great fun. I need to figure out the best place to cook on my Tundra engine. I'd have to cook something...I don't know, butch, you know? Like steak or roadkill.