Monday, March 03, 2008

wifi weekend update

This past weekend was WiFi weekend at the B&E Show. That's right. I got my nerd groove on. More or less. Without making the low-tech among you succumb to the vapors from geek-speak, I will quickly sum up Saturday's activities:

  • partition new external back up drive [stay with me, stay with me], check
  • back up hard drives [for the first, oh-the-shame, time], check
  • update operating system, scary check
  • make sure numerous and expensive software programs still function, big check
  • install wireless card correctly, proud check
  • hook up wifi base station so as to share the DSL love with the family, oh shit. half-check!
Enter my good and dear friend SuperDave, renamed Tireless Wireless Techno Wizard, accompanied by his redefining-the-word-snazzilicious FI-ance, Dr. Ding.

Having used our friendship to lure them over to do my bidding offer tech support, I felt that the least I could do to thank them was to make real Dave's recent weird food/fantasy post: bacon cups*. For brunch. Filled with homemade fried potatoes 'n onions and scrambled eggs.

Ooo baby, ooo baby. That was a seriously unhealthy, exercise-cancelling, pig-juice-soaked breakfast. And if I do say so myself, it was damn fine. I'd have to walk to this Austin museum to compensate.

Tech service was more than worth the bacon braiding. (Truth be told, bacon braiding is its own reward, dear readers.) We have green lights and secure connections. Praise Dave and Local Area Network technology.

Oh, and every time Dave and I referred to modems, base stations, ip addresses , etc. both Barbara and Her Dingness began bushman-dialect-like clicking to demonstrate the foreign quality to our dialog. A great way to spend a Sunday, any way you look at it.

And now some footnote groveling:
*I should have written bacon cups by Megan at notmartha via Dave at abovetheaether. Poor documentation on my part, no offense intended to Megan and her culinary brilliance.


Dave said...

The bacon cups were better than I could have imagined. Thanks for shaving 6 months off my life with those delicious piggy treats.

I hope the knuckleheads at Earthlink threw you a bone with regards to the home network.

Dr. Ding said...

!click! (glottal stop>) !! click click
(ask Barb for translation)

Those bacon cups were pig-a-licious! I'm posting my pig candy recipe in their honor. You are a wonder what with your mad ninja bacon braiding skills.

Snazzily yours,

Epiphenita said...

i must admit, in addition to a mild case of blog poisoning, i may have pulled a technology muscle. i can't call earthlink until the cramps subside. then, i'm going to yell at every customer service rep they throw at me.

my delight in your bacon cup enjoyment knows no bounds. if we can divine a way to make pig candy cups, i will die a happy woman.

Dr. Ding said...

!click! click!


Pig candy cups, you say?

Oh for the love of GirlJeebus, that's absolutely brilliant. I love it and I'm smacking myself upside the head, wondering why I hadn't thought of this before. Sheer fucking briliance.