Thursday, March 13, 2008

subservient? my dentata.

Here's a photo of some big shot at Mattel talking to some big shot in China last year. Now, I don't give a rat's ass about the politics of manufacturing and marketing Barbie in Asia. You want that shit, you deserve it. What I found interesting about this photo is that the two female interpreters could only be more submissive-looking if they were actually kneeling on the ground whispering their English to Mandarin to English translations into the microphones. It may not have been intended but this photo looks like China's slow progress in equality between the sexes has had a few setbacks.

Submission Non-Sequitur to Shithole
Many of you know of my interest...nay, fascination, with the concept of vagina dentata. This idea dovetails with a theory about rape and victimhood that I couldn't expound upon right now (in my current state of weary), even if my very own vagina flashed its first set of choppers. My dear daughter shares this appreciation for the bizarre. Which is how I got this:

She called it butthole dentata, though I suppose that could be argued (not being much of a bear anatomist). Isn't that adorable?

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salsez said...

Would it be inappropriate for me to say....yikes!?