Tuesday, March 11, 2008

metro update

Today's MetroRail ride was fairly uneventful. Three stops before I got back to my office, an older gentleman sat down next to me. Harmless enough until the air current shifted. I don't think I'm a fussy public transportation rider. I just prefer that when I get a whiff of the passenger next to me, the first thought that pops into my mind isn't "Is that smegma I smell?"

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Menchuvian Candidate said...

Oh, man, this one is just ripe.

The thing is, my imagination is such that I want to play with it (the idea, not the smegma); shouldn't there be something comparable to an oenophile's vocabulary for discussing such smells? I mean, was it a fully blossomed smegma with crusty hanes overtones? or maybe a young, fruity, smegma with oaky notes contrasting sharply with a pungent, meaty, nose?

'Scuse me, I needs to go gargle. g'hack.