Tuesday, March 25, 2008

werds to live by

Oh, dear, oh dear. My lovely friend Joe just sent this link to me and...well, I may have wet myself: Addictionary.org
Two of my immediate favorites:

indignorant (adjective)
Reinforcing an insensible or misinformed position with an overly aggressive or belligerant attitude.
The easiest-to-find examples of indignorance are reader comments on any news story. You won't make it past the first page without finding a card-carrrying indignoramus. I tried to find a good example to link to, I swear, but I started to go blind.
mamarazzi (noun)
one of those mothers that feels the need to tell everyone every last embarassing story about their kid(s).

[Please don't show this to Buford and Anus Eunice]

Another beautiful mamarazzi example from BabySteps:

Peanut walks up to Pop yesterday holding a little ponytail holder.

"Fix mullet," she says, handing the elastic to Pop.


Maybe it's really time to cut it.
(Sorry, Nicki, but Peanut's totally backing me up on this.)
Joseph, dear, you've made my day.


Nicki said...

I guess I'd rather be a mamarazzi than indignorant. Right?

Epiphenita said...

Absolutely. And better to be a mamarazzi than a:

mormom (noun)
A pregnant [LDS] woman in Utah surrounded by 4 kids and holding one on her hip.