Monday, March 24, 2008

foundling update

No one has responded. Not to fliers, faxes, web postings nor emails. No "lost" posters in the hood. One might conclude that no one is looking for this dog.

People who abandon pets [presumably when the owner's initial cute-tardation rubs off] should be drop-shipped into the wilds of Montana wearing only flip-flops and smeared in the musk of whichever local prey is most popular.

So we stopped by the local veterinarian. Alas, no microchip and no "x-marks-the-neutered-here" spot. The vet clinic folks think she is maybe 6 or 7 months old. And about ready to go into her first heat. Fuck me very much.


Menchuvian Candidate said...

When does life begin?

a. at conception
b. at birth
c. when the kids have finished school and the dog dies

Anonymous said...

Since you're already crushing on this dog and you're obviously going to keep her, you might as well take it as an opportunity to think up a fabulous new dog name! What about "Cindy McCain" in honor of the presumptive Republican nominee's freeze-dried wife? I'd love to see you out in the front yard yelling THAT up and down the block when she's missing!


Epiphenita said...

oh, menchuvian candidate, you hit the c on the head.

and you giuseppe, a pox on you. no dog is staying and phobias is the name she keeps while she lives under my roof (for the next couple of days).