Sunday, November 30, 2008

isolation & thanksgiving pi

Despite the post title, we had a good Thanksgiving weekend. Good food, friends and some quiet time together. I can't fully explain the feeling of isolation. Some of it is self-imposed, some feels imposed externally. I'm sure it's a combination of factors most of which I'll tease out in the post-chaotic funk. Today I question the strength of my alliances with people. The political motives behind weakening connections or the ulterior reasons spurring new connections.

Ah, shit. Maybe it's not enough leftover turkey or too much pie.

Speaking of pies, I made five pies. Two apple, two pecan and my first sweet potato pie. My first vodka-in-the-crust pies. Tasty, flaky and easy to roll out. Those pies put the P in presentation. I even did some math to figure out how many pecan halves I'd have to save out for the pie top arrangement so I wouldn't chop too many. Seriously. I figured out the area of a 9" pie (that's right, dear mathletes, I used pi r 2 for pie. Hakuna matata, people–circle of life), the area of a typical pecan and approximately how many of the latter would fit into the former. I'm not saying this was an exact calculation...but it was pretty close and sharpened the point on my head.

Okay, I'm putting my slide rule away and going to bed now. Thanks for playing.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Six Random Things TAG!

Yay! Six Random Things...I've been tagged by Katie.
The Rules:

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1. I once euthanized a dying pet parakeet.

2. I'm an atheist but I love hymns.

3. I enjoy math word problems.

4. I am enamored of spoonerisms.

5. When I'm anxious, I count silently.

6. I am compelled to stick things (coins, dominoes, bottle caps) to my forehead.


Dr. Ding
Menchuvian Candidate

prop 8 protest

Thank you, once again, Keith Olbermann.

Fucking enough already.

Date: Saturday, November 15, 2008
Time: 12:30pm - 5:30pm
Location: Houston City Hall
Street: 900 Bagby