Tuesday, March 25, 2008

breaking news

Hey, people (especially all you vicious schadenfreuden out there) the abandoned dog has been adopted! Hallelujah. Yes, of course it's sad but Phobias has lovely new owners that will take care of her and probably give her a respectable proper name. And I'll stop having those canine midwifery dreams that have been freaking me the fuck out.


Menchuvian Candidate said...

A life without Phobias is yours-how liberating!


I've always been the naughty child in my family-never did a damn thing conventionally, or so it seemed. Which stood (or slouched, really) in marked contrast to TBFKAMS* who could do no wrong, even when dispensing blow jobs on the front porch. But our familial fabric has shifted; I am the Goddess who found a home for Miss Lily.

And you know, their newfound worship of me is not misplaced; it isn't exactly easy to find a home for a hyper-reactive, submissive peeing, porch pooping, med dependent, OCD diagnosed, wheaten with known biting and anxiety "issues." All hail Menchuvian, for she is great.

*the blogger formerly known as my sister

Menchuvian Candidate said...

Good God; I left a comment longer than your post. No wonder my parents always liked her better. Until now!

::::::maniacal laughter::::::

Epiphenita said...

I was always the well-behaved child who then fell from grace (for a time) but forever cornered the loquacious prize in the family.

A friend asked if you were my sister. And I replied: "I only wish I had the nads to chronicle my sister's sexual exploits on the porch!" I am impressed and would be pleased to have you as a sister--even it meant that you'd broadcast my sordid deeds. Does said sister appreciate your sisterly descriptions?

"their newfound worship of me is not misplaced..."

Menchuvian Candidate said...

No nads required. TBFKAMS and I are absolutely, thoroughly, utterly (redundantly), and joyfully estranged, so it matters not a whit if she takes issue with anything I do.

If knowing that you are still interested, I am for the next week and a half still taking applications for the role of sister; I do miss having one, if not the one I had:)