Thursday, March 13, 2008

a few of my life-saving things

I don't farm (garden) or do livestock (pets) but that doesn't mean that coming home to a riot of pulsing fuschia azaleas doesn't make me feel alive. The photo doesn't do justice to a color that can't stay still. These fleeting blooms help set my world back upright.

Well, these and a photo of the Toddler Queen, post-brownie batter, posted by the Menchuvian Candidate.

Oh, and a conversation I had with my daughter, who is full of attentiveness and compassion and humor. Just those three things.

Plus a lovely homemade grilled vegetable pizza. Okay, and being home. With that tall, sweet woman who offered to go to the museum (on a school night), if that would cheer me up. Those six things.

And swearing. Seven things that perked me up.

That's not counting Dr. Ding and the Menchuvian Candidate.

Well, you know what I mean. Thanks all. I feel less homicidal than this morning. The life you saved may have been my neighbor's .

1 comment:

Dr. Ding said...

I am always happy to rush to your aid, dearest epiphenita, not because I feel you need it, but just because I will seriously cut a bitch who messes with your ouevre.

With my words.

So if you're literal-minded and/or dull as dishwater and you post here in these comments some kind of plebian, corporate-cultured, Curves/Weight Watchers/Good Housekeeping mentalitied crap, be warned: Dr. Ding is watching and will cut a bitch.

Peace my homie.