Saturday, April 26, 2008

none-of-your-business names

In the long list of suspect business names out there, my personal favorite here in Houston is restaurant named Crapittos. It doesn't matter that it's family name, really. It's just not a good choice, especially for an eatery: Crap Eat Toes.

Today I found a flyer in my mailbox for a local handyman. The company name was Arreola's Construction.


Yes, I made them a nipple/breast emoticon. The extra r in the word just makes me think about a Spanish nipple...which is an odd thing because nipples so rarely speak.

Anyway, I like weird company names but I prefer when they are consciously tongue-in-cheek. With tag lines and the like:
  • Arreola's: Specializing in Massage Parlor Construction.
  • Let Arreola's build your Lingerie Shop
  • Arreola's Construction; Your first stop for Nursing Mother Boutiques


Beyonce said...

( o )( o ) <-- Logo perhaps?

Epiphenita said...


Lori said...

What! Nipples don't speak to you?