Friday, April 11, 2008

i wear my sunglasses at tax season

St. Barbara's halo is blinding in its brilliance. She thought I'd have to file an extension and figuring out the estimated payment was giving us both brain cramps (mine were more sympathy brain cramps as she was the one actually doing the ciphering). For a person with as small a "this is what's left after paying bills" buffer as I have each month, my taxes are way complicated. What with our vast land holdings and staggering investments...

Anyway, Barbara managed to trudge through pages and pages of the tax labyrinth and get them done. E-filed this very morning. Before vacation. With me paying $1,000 less than I did last year. Holy shit, give that woman a prize. She is going to get some serious stadium tchotchkes as we begin our national (+ Toronto) tour of Major League Baseball Stadiums.

Can I get a woohoooo?


Menchuvian Candidate said...


And, uh, is your stadium tour going to bring you to Fenway Park?

nicki said...

You finished your taxes?! I'm doing mine now. Well, actually, right now I'm reading blogs to avoid doing my taxes.