Wednesday, April 16, 2008

off to miami

Maps? Check.
Tickets? Check.
Junk food? Check & check.
Passengers? Moooommmmmm! Hurry!


Dr. Ding said...

I knew I detected a disturbance in The Force last week when y'all left! I hope you and St. Barbara et al are having a super-duper time. Eat some picadillo for me (not sure if I'm spelling that right).

I had almost forgotten that The Stadium Tour of the Barb y Epiphenita Show was to begin this spring! Take lots of pics!

Dr. Ding

Epiphenita said...

We had a great time in FL. Enjoyed delicious Caribbean food and the stadium tour began full of baseball ambiance. You know, drunken fans, cheap hot dogs and expensive beer. I wouldn't have it any other way...2 stadiums down, 28 to go.