Thursday, April 10, 2008

but what shall i do for camoflauge?

Isn't it depressing to go to the zoo and see the animals in sterile, empty, box-like structures? Getting their environments as close their natural habitat seems the least we can do if we're going to keep them in captivity.

That's my new theory about having friends over: see me in my natural habitat rather than an artificially tidy space.
A little bit of chaos is how I roll. Wouldn't it be better to see your friend [me] happily peering around a stack of boards or pile of twine, rather than gleaming pristine surfaces?

Okay, shit. I really like the pristine surfaces, too, but keeping them that way means I spend a great deal of creative energy on cleaning and not enough on...creating. Let's get back to the habitat analogy, okay?

So, this is just fair warning to my friends and family. We want you to come visit more often but I'm leaving some clutter. Perhaps a little dust. Oh, relax, the kitchen and bathroom will be clean but you may notice a lovely little sawzall case against the wall or a sewing machine on the dining room table...

Unlike the zoo, however, you can feed the animals at my house. And bring them alcoholic beverages.

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Menchuvian Candidate said...

We have a new resident here at the casa. A friend will be living with us for the foreseeable-as in maybe for a year, or even more. It will have to be "warts and all" experience, but that said, I still invested 15 woman hours in housecleaning yesterday. With a head start, I'll be able to fake it much longer, methinks.