Wednesday, June 25, 2008

now that was a nap

That was a nap that makes the other naps whistle a low, "da-a-a-mn."

That was a nap of stygian oblivion. A state of perfect matte blackness from which you awaken unsure whether tomorrow has eclipsed today.

That was a nap that bulleted past with all but its wingtips tucked and obliterated your little sparrow of consciousness in such a blinding explosion of feathers and talons that you didn't have time to whimper.

That, my friends, was a nap.


[update: I submitted this entry to Six Sentences and they accepted and posted it here.]


Sister Flushing said...


Epiphenita said...

no, darlin', that was a rare, full-strength-exhausted reward.

Menchuvian Candidate said...

Soooooo. . . . was it good for you?

Epiphenita said...

ahhh, 'twas.