Wednesday, June 25, 2008

building little bully billy bigots one panel at a time

Look at little Billy's face in panel two. Is it even possible that there's a child out there who gets this torqued-out about wearing clothes made in other countries? (Any child not poisoned by xenophobic parents, that is.) Or even grasps that clothes are not made by the clothing elves living in the department store basement?

Aside from the fact that this comic strip is inane and the very definition of saccharine, what kind of message does this send?

Free market exchange for us but not all you brown fuckers (Now, Billy, you're still not allowed to say the brown word), I mean, brown kids. Or: We can dress up like you on world cultures day at elementary school, learn your folk dances and the bleached version of your history but we're not buying your shit...unless, of course, it's made in our goddamn sweatshops.

With a sweet little nod to knittin' grandma.

Family Circus sucks.


ollie said...

i like this take on that caca comic:

Epiphenita said...

well, isn't that THE sweetest, cutest, most darlin' twist on an idea.

Dave E Crockett said...

I prefer the Nietzche Family Circus. It's far more realistic.

The Guy Over There said...

Great Zombie Jesus!

I thought this was made up, but then I found that comic on-line and it is really real.

Good one, "Bill Keane," if that is even your real name.

Well, what do you expect from some 'dead-ender' old fart who's formative years were in the 20s and 30s?

Here's a most telling quote of his when asked about the demise of Calvin & Hobbes:

Keane also said that, while Watterson had the right to end his feature, the decision is "not fair to the readers or to the editors who have paid good money and provided space in their newspapers."