Tuesday, June 17, 2008

congratulations (again) to phyllis & del

Cheers for California queers! Particularly this lovely old couple, Del Martin and Phyllis Lyons, who tied the knot in California yesterday:

Phyllis & Del, then. | Del & Phyllis, now.

Together for over 50 years these two San Francisco activists were pivotal in the fight for lesbian visibility and GLBT rights. The word hero has been handed out like elementary school honorable mentions and I wish I had a better word. But in every cliché-free sense, these brave women are heroes.

story via dailykos


e. said...

congrats, phyllis & del!

california and massachusetts once again prove the old adage: "gay people, get to the sides!"

The Guy Over There said...


My marriage has crumbled to nothing and my young son is now a bastard child.

Oh if only they'd passed that 'defense of marriage' act, that would've made adultery a capital offense and divorce a felony, then we could've been happy.


You had to come in here with your ideas about Love and Commitment and ruin everything.