Friday, June 20, 2008

not often

Not ofet6n often do I blog drunk.

Because I can't speel spell...or rather, I can't type fir for shit.

But goddammit, am I relaxed.

Hey–did I mention that for my 50th birthday (FIFTIETH, you heard me) I had a choice? Yes, I did. (First, I puled about not spending money and Barbara said, Let me remind you about how this works: you suggest, I decide. I love it when she goes all unexpectedly butch on me.) I really wanted a new computer. One of those MacBook Pro things. You can navigate the Space Station with those fuckers. And oh my god, do we need countertops. I also had my heart set on a stand-alone mixer. Like those gorgeous Kitchen Aid professional mixers. They come in red and will whip chunks of mesquite into a fine paste. BUT, our friends in Germany said, Come visit...stay with us, we're 1 hour from the border of France.

It's a no brainer, people (At this point in time, I am more than qualified to discuss decisions made while using very little of one's brain), new countertops and computers be damned, I'm going to celebrate my 50th in France. Paris, if possible.

I'm goign going to bed now.

Good fight, and good fuck.


Veronica said...

Great choice. I haven't been to Paris in 7 years and I miss it. Have a wonderful trip.

I did just get new granite counter tops though. And I am commenting to you on my Macbook Pro 17", albeit a year old now.

Darlin', I think we just hat tricked each other. I just knew we'd get along.

Happy Birthday. Namaste.

fimbulwinter said...

Ha! You stumble up on my blog drunkenly far less regularly than I'd like...just like real life, mother of mysteries.