Tuesday, March 10, 2009

leftover succotash

My little craigslist listing [with addendum] has netted what seems like some promising tenant applicants. More on this when it actually pans out.

We're about to refinance our mortgage and that makes me...a little stressed. Not that I haven't researched it to death, kept tabs on the interest rates like a jealous lover and not that I don't have my neurotic ducks in a row. It just stresses me.

We're flying to Florida to visit family in a couple of weeks. I love seeing my parents and my sister and her kids. I feel guilty for only getting down there once a year, my folks are in their seventies and well, I want to see them more often. Family is supposed to make you crazy. And mine doesn't usually have quite this affect on me. So why am I all whacked out? I need to figure out a way to calm the fuck down. I am wound like a proverbial top and it's disproportional to my current experiences. Yes, there are stressors. There are ALWAYS stressors.

I'm just going to go to bed later and grind my molars down for awhile. That always helps...


Eugena said...

Sister, there are no prepared meals in the freezer nor a daily itinerary posted on the kids' dry-erase board. I will however stock up on anti-anxiety meds and alcohol for a stress-free Florida visit.

See you in two weeks!

epiphenita said...

hold the meds and keep the rum flowing--i'm going to relax if it kills me.

i really am looking forward to spending time with you and the parental units and those great kids of yours.

oh, i'm going to need some diet coke with that rum...