Sunday, March 08, 2009

again with the rudeness

Those of you who know me know that I can push the edge of the rude envelope from time to time. I call it assertive. I call it standing up for a cause. I sometimes call it chutzpah because I have Jewish-culture-envy and like to use Yiddish expressions as often as possible.

However, if you make an appointment with me and just.don't.bother.showing.up. then I feel that, unless you're making some bigger statement or have been maimed in a 18-vehicle pileup on the interstate, you're just a mouth-breathing cretin. Dirty Doodles never showed. It's not like I really thought this interaction was going to net me tenant-of-the-year but after emailing DD several times with address, phone numbers and a reminder that he had an appointment and that if, for any reason (hangnail, clouds, disconcerting horoscope) he couldn't make it, just contact me in any one of four ways to cancel.


I reposted on craigslist today with this little addition:

NOTE: If you have responded to this ad recently, made an appointment to view the apartment and never showed up nor canceled ahead of time, please don't respond to this ad again. We are very reasonable landlords. This isn't our business, it's our backyard, so we're pretty sure that if you're not courteous enough to keep an appointment you made, we probably won't be happy with you as a tenant.
Does that sound snotty? Self-righteous? Pissy? Good.