Thursday, March 26, 2009

depression update

Well, the cuts have been made and our department didn't suffer too badly but lots of good people have been laid off in other departments. (It turned out that, for us, it was just "Dark Gray" Tuesday and the layoffs affecting us were on Black Wednesday.)

For a bunch of reasons, good and lousy, corporations have a cold way of ejecting members of the "work family." It reminds me of images of out-of-favor politicos disappearing* from history textbooks in Stalinist Russia...all of a sudden a cube is empty with no goodbyes, no best wishes.

*Which leads me to wonder, as a designer, how those out-of-favor faces were erased so well without Photoshop. I know how to do it in the darkroom...but damn, it's hard.


The Guy Over There said...

Speaking of which, an excellent site where you can see this stuff is The Commissar Vanishes.

They did pretty good for pre-Photoshop technology.

epiphenita said...

There's nothing like fanaticism and the hint of execution to hone your dodging and burning darkroom skills. These are amazing and, of course, deeply disturbing.

To think it took until the days of Photoshop to invalidate photos as hard evidence in crimes! It's long been possible to doctor a picture, as these images attest...particularly low resolution, black & white newspaper photos.

Of course the pre-digital era skills it took were much, much higher and rarer than today, when any asshole with a computer and a bit of patience can add to or subtract from scanned images.

Which doesn't make me love Photoshop any less. It's the bomb.