Monday, February 09, 2009

this is me...

...posting a link to a sneak preview of a game. Called Cogs.
I am in love with the concept.

This is just a screen capture and will not play in the window but will take you to the page I found it on...via boing boing, link

But it's an electronic GAME. Why is this happening? (Is this real? I have 2 fingers.) What's next?
  • Heated discussions about Star Trek costumes?
  • Dice fetishes?
  • Obscure SciFi jargon? (yes, dear fimbulwinter, I mock you.)
But just look at those cogs and pipes. Sigh.

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jhkirkendall said...

I always liked Kirk's jazzy "wrap-around" green alternate costume. Maybe it was his casual outfit.