Friday, February 13, 2009


Do you remember some years ago that Philip Morris did that whole campaign to stop teenage smoking? It was probably mandated or something but here's an example of the creative:

Nobody bought their feel good tactics. Even if you didn't believe there were subliminal messages (like some educators and anti-smoking groups did): that the clouds look like smoke, the snowboard like a lit cigarette and the mountains like piles of tobacco leaves, the idea that a corporation that made its money off tobacco sales would seriously want to discourage the next generation of salary-paying consumers from smoking is pretty ludicrous.

Which brings me to Chevron's latest media blitz. Tagging onto the feel-good, planet-saving conservation wave moving across the country/world:

Sorry. I just don't buy it. Chevron makes its money, and plenty of it, when we don't leave the car at home. This feels like such blatant bullshit to me. Marketing-driven bullshit to put a green tint on Oil & Gas. I admit, we all would be in a shitpile of trouble if the Oil & Gas industry went belly-up tomorrow. We need oil and we need gas. At least until we come up with a plethora of working alternatives. That said, don't insult our intelligence. BIG Oil wants you to put BIG miles on your BIG cars. It's their bread and butter. Or their crude and diesel.

It's like Whole Foods promoting the nutritional value of Velveeta. Like Hustler publishing an article on the importance of abstinence. We are not fooled. And we are not amused.

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