Wednesday, August 20, 2008

wrapping up summer

It's been a busy summer. Lots of company and socializing. Which, while a bit tiring, has been very satisfying. But blog-sucking. I find myself full of ideas and sans time and energy.

I'm working on a few little projects that I'm going to post soon. I'm also beginning my things to see and do in France research. I love researching once-in-a-lifetime trip activities. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to make this trip. Dad says that this is the worst time to go to Europe because the dollar is getting the shit beaten out of it by the euro (okay, that's not exactly how he put it). I told him, yes, turning fifty is not an event that fits conveniently into one's schedule.

That silly nod to tired humor about aging aside...people, I am not unhappy about turning 50. Swear to god, I'm just getting started. I've never been so excited about what's ahead. So many things to do, mountains to climb (she said figuratively) and adventures to have.


Narya said...

I have been celebrating for more than a month, now, and I've enjoyed every bit of it! I've opted for multiple smaller celebrations rather than, say, a trip, but it's all good.

Anonymous said...

ohhh... maybe they have a class at le cordon bleu that you could take!

you could pay homage to oscar wilde, proust, jim morrison,chopin, debussey, edith piaf, gertrude and alice at pere-lachaise.

au lapin agile would be on my itinerary, along with montmartre.

of course... the wine tasting tours would occupy one day, and a cabaret.

check out a vacation apartment rental in marais -- could be more reasonably priced than a hotel.

you will have a wonderful wonderful time turning 50.


epiphenita said...

Congratulations, Narya! I hope your celebrations continue. I plan on having a "birthday month" as well. Why the hell not?

Sal, I forgot about your expertise francaise! Those are all great suggestions. Will pester you more when I hit research overload...

Menchuvian Candidate said...

I'm useless. I've been there a few times, but now, at the tender age of 43,* when I think what would I most like to do in any place the answer is the same: nap. But, otherwise, I'm not unlike you, really, because, you know, I get really excited by the possibility:)

*I lie; I'm only 42 and ten and three quarters months.