Monday, July 07, 2008

Six of one

I submitted this entry to Six Sentences and they accepted and posted it here.
Which makes me happy, but that niggling voice in my head mocks me with yeah, but how many entries do they turn away?
I don't know.
But writing succinctly is a great exercise.
Thanks to Veronica for pointing me to 6S.
Well, just look at this, another six sentences.


e. said...

congratulations! always nice to see your writing in print... and such a lovely six setences, too. i was thinking i might make this comment six sentences as a tribute. then i thought i wouldn't. but now it is!

Anonymous said...

Great post. I really liked it.

I'm glad you checked out 6S. I found it through and gave her the nod when I got posted there. I feel like a pro b'ball player, we're all pointing at each other for the assist. ;)

Words have made family.