Saturday, March 10, 2007

sirens must jar the hell out of them

My mom and dad are 70-ish and live in a retirement community. They are happier than I've ever known them to be. They have dinner parties and go swimming and bike riding. Mom said they had to go to a funeral last week. She said it like she does, matter-of-factly, implying that funerals were pretty much part of the package at their age. She mentioned ambulances coming and going. It dawned on me how ambulance sirens must jar the hell out of them.

When I get older, I hope I find a community like theirs (but I'm not moving to Florida). I hope I never stop swearing. If my brain stays healthy and my body gets decrepit and anyone within earshot says, "but her mind is still sharp as a tack" I will hurl my colostomy bag at them, sohelpmegod.

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