Friday, August 26, 2005

sorry for the extra step

For those of you who make comments (and I love comments), I apologize because I had to turn on that "comment verification" thing that makes you enter the wacky, wavy words you see in a box in order to make a comment.

I started getting obnoxious mass-generated emails from those mass-generating email scumbags. So, this seems like the best solution for now.


Nanc said...

yeah, you can expect that once you start talking about pee power, all the perverts want to make a comment!

Epiphenita said...

I'll take interesting pervert comments over casino and celluite advertisements anyday. was a casino that catered only to people with celluite. Now that would be interesting.

Texas2Tennessee said...

Just had to do the same thing on my blog. Within moments of posting, 4 unwanted comments popped up. I feel violated...can we track them down and kill them?

p.s. Reading the magic letters make me feel a little goofy. I've either been drinking too much or too little.