Tuesday, August 23, 2005

fat kills, pat urges

On a day where

  • the headlines bemoan and rank American obesity (And we're only #6! For shame! In a state where toddlers cut their teeth on T-bones; in a state whose claim to fame is that "everything is bigger in Texas," we spritely waddle in behind #5-ranked Tennessee), and
  • there's a spotlight shining on America's biggest lardbrain, Pat Robertson, as he adds Venezuela to the list of countries that think we're rampaging pyschopaths (Oooo, let's watch God's righteous servant eviscerate the 6th commandment.* What? He didn't read "Thou shalt not kill" as not "Thou shalt not assassinate"?**)
I am grateful for random juxtapositioning. (Or, for those who feel a higher power is moving the chess pieces: the humorous hand of Fate.) Here are two items as they appeared hand-in-hand in the national headlines list in today's paper:

1830 Book of Mormon goes on sale page at a time
California court grants gay couples full parental status

I'm sure this is not done on purpose...but I like to imagine it is.

*The subtitle to one of Mr. Christian's books is "Reclaim the Blessings of the Ten Commandments." His next book is entitled, "Thou Shalt Not Kill Unless It Increases Traffic to My Website and Sells More of Pat's Diet Shakes."

**if you ever forget how to spell assassinate, just picture Pat Robertson and think
Ass, Ass, Inate.


kathy said...

Pat also said feminism makes women socialist, baby killing lesbians. oh my!

Texas2Tennessee said...

Now that I'm living in Tennessee, I can vouch for the fact that indeed the population is LARGE.

Today at the grocery store, I saw a special display of Twinkie-type snack cakes, but they were made of Red Velvet Cake with Cream Filling. I almost bought it just for the novelty, but they like to put high price tags on the really fattening snacks...99 cents for 2 Twinkies...please!