Tuesday, August 02, 2005

abandoned fallen angels

From yesterday's news:

    Child Protective Services is asking the public for help in locating the parents or relatives of a 1-day-old baby girl found abandoned Sunday afternoon in an alley behind a West Houston shopping center.
    CPS officials need genetic and medical information from the biological family, which can be passed on to an adoptive family, Olguin said. Also, the sooner the parents' rights are terminated, the faster the adoption process will be, she said.
    The parents of the infant face possible felony charges of abandoning or endangering a child, according to Houston Police spokesman Lt. Robert Manzo. Police have received a few calls regarding the infant, but there are no leads yet, Olguin said.
So what do you think? Do you think that someone who abandons a baby is going to come forth now that they are facing felony charges? Hmmm.
    Some have started calling the baby Angel Doe because "she must have had angels with her because she was found so quickly," Olguin said.
Ah, the circular logic of belief. So the dead infant found earlier this year should be named Fallen Angel Doe? Obviously that baby didn't have any heavenly babysitters.

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