Saturday, February 12, 2011

retracting my breakup

Not quite a year ago I wrote a post about my disillusionment with America's Test Kitchen/Cook's Illustrated online. I won't go over that material, it only serves to make me look even more spineless.

In the name of partial truth reporting, I must admit that I caved. I folded. I took the jewelry and got back with my sugar daddy. Reunited with residual bitterness. It's all so tawdry but I am a slut for food science.


Barry Baxter said...

I am really loving the magazine even if they did slam my favorite brand of peanut butter. I've also been marginally in the market for a toaster oven and the new issue reviews those as well. Gonna cave and pay for the web soon.

Epiphenita said...

Well, be prepared to pay for web AND the extra fee for "Editors' Choice" because dimes to dollars, that's going to be the recipe you have to have!

Some guy trapped in a fabric anti-productivity pod said...

So, you're saying that when there's real value, people will be willing to pay for shit online?

Holy Crap! Do videos of watery blobs count as "valuable"?

What about rebranded, repackaged, generic "news"?


Damn you.

Narya said...

My current go-to baking site is King Arthur Flour. Their recipes are quite good. I've also become enamored of their Whole Grain Baking book, which I don't even bother to put back on the shelf any more, because it's only a matter of days before I get it out again.