Saturday, April 03, 2010

in which i break up with atk

This is personal and filled with drama...I broke up with America's Test Kitchen! In an email, no less (they won't take my calls):

For years, I've been damn-near evangelical in my love for Cooks Illustrated and America's Test Kitchen. I receive your publication and I own your cookbooks. While perusing recipes with a friend (who pays for web membership) we hit a recipe that was blurred out and reserved for "Editor's Choice" memberships only.

...I've had it with premium memberships, elite memberships and all the other marketing crap that striates and monetizes every level of information and makes everything into a goddamn tollroad. I am heartbroken to say this, but I'm done. I'll go elsewhere for recipes from now on.
Seriously, I'm bummed. But a girl has to set some boundaries.

*see shameful update


Narya said...

I am a long-time subscriber to CI, but I refuse to do the website. I did it for a year at one point, and it was not really worth it (even though it wasn't much more than a dollar a month). Yeah, sure, fun to be able to search recipes, but whatevs.

Epiphenita said...

I loved using the website...particularly the search engine.

And, truth be told, I've slept with them once or twice since our break-up. But, I've been seeing other sites, too [she said defiantly].

I just need to find a site with recipes as well tested and a good search feature. Is that too much to ask?