Sunday, February 10, 2008

i unheart romance

Some people get all dreamy-eyed and misty over shit like this and call it romantic:

[from today's]
  • I call it clinging to an illusion you've created that bears no relationship to reality and most likely helped trash both your marriages.
  • I call it obnoxious fantasizing about someone you never knew but imagine you did. Which is creepy.
  • I call it puling and pining for the perfect woman/man/relationship that makes the everyday joys and difficulties of really working together with someone the boat you missed.
  • I call it the concocted fantasy of the disconnected and sucking at the teat of regret that keeps you from growing up.
  • I call it pathetic.
Guess I'm a shitty romantic.


Captain Cranky said...

For your next trick, you'll be kicking a box full of puppies?

Or perhaps rearranging the furniture in the school for the blind, then pulling the fire alarm?

Epiphenita said...

Captain Cranky, stop spoiling my spring break plans!

Nanc said...

OK, I get it that you are a shitty romantic. I just wonder why YOU would be reading "postsecrets"????

Epiphenita said...

postsecret, dear nanc, is all about the truth. even if it's truth told anonymously. it's not romanticized, candy-coated or sanitized, as a rule. i love that stuff.

Dr.Ding said...

Postsecrets rawks. And so does my favorite shitty romantic.

StevensVox said...

Reality the cold wet spot in the bed of 40 years of procrastination and whining…
Thanks for that Enita!

Hija said...

FUCK YES. Dante's illusion of Beatrice is the biggest bunch of wasted, projected, self-involved bullshit. There's no such thing as a Venus. You ain't a shitty romantic, Nita, you're Sharp

Menchuvian Candidate said...

I googled "epiphenita" yesterday and found your blog; romantic, or not, trust that I crossed my fingers and hoped I had found the correct person. Today my valentine arrived and I get to find out that I did.

Your card is just a beautiful, amazing, thing. All the different textures wreak havoc with my depth perception. I just can't stop looking at it. It's gorgeous. And, dang, it came from YOU, and what reading I have done here pretty much tells me you are amazing, too.

Thank you so very much:)

Epiphenita said...

Oh dear, you are going to ruin my unsentimental reputation! Thank you so much for your comment--I joined the postcard swap with a little trepidation (How in the world will I find the time? and Valentine's day is too saccharine a holiday, etc.) and then I had SO much fun making the things.

Your praise makes me feel all embarrassed and delighted. Thank you for finding me and enjoying your valentine. Please feel free to email me directly if you'd like (I am oh-so-past-anonymous by this time in my life):