Thursday, January 17, 2008

dentists, deductible, hate

Four hours in the chair. Dentist drilled out molar 19 as if trailblazing new route to China. Head hurts. Face hurts. Wallet is screaming for morphine.

Honda overheated. Must have a leak. Can't locate it. Just the thing to calm me down.

Am having a two-day hate fest. Stealth period? Or is it just that people are more irritating today than they were last week? Implausible as it seems I'm picking option b.

On the other hand, tough virago that I am, I've found myself on that damp, brittle edge of tears too many times this week to not take a hard look at option a. Fuck. It makes no difference the cause. Get out of my goddamn way, I'm going to bed.


Anonymous said...

I had a solid week of that, that "a and b," that "stealth period", that intolerable feeling of fuckness. And although I still swear everyone adversely affected is an asswipe, I'm stuck cleaning up the fall out in the aftermath that is now.

I must not speak or email when I am PMSing.
I must not speak or email when I am PMSing.

...Sending a cyber valium-laced hug your way.

Epiphenita said...

Better today. I've found that cramming the earbuds (too far) in and turning the volume up past sensible levels has helped me filter out the additional nonsense around me.

I'd like to think I still have some compassion but somedays, yes, I ought not speak or email when I am faux pmsing.

A big sentimental thank you for the cybervalium hug. Sentimental expression argues for option a but is sent sincerely nonetheless.

Dr. Ding said...

I tend to agree with option b. People are mos def more annoying this week than last week. Dunno why, but I am absolutely certain it has nothing to do with my attitude, beliefs, or thoughts. Or outlook. Or feelings. Nah. Fuckum. Categorically.