Sunday, May 06, 2007

malaprop delight

Grammatical sloppiness irritates me. Run spellcheck, proofread your word usage and make the extra effort to get your verbs to play nice with your nouns.

But sometimes the (mostly unconscious) slap-happy use of an expression completely enchants me (from

"No holes barred" is a bastardization of "no holds barred" which refers to a sort of free-for-all approach to wrestling/boxing that has been adapted to any activity that is free from restriction.

In this form
(Oh, I do wish it was intentional!) it's sex trade offering tongue-in-cheek...Oh god, I kill myself. Okay, Okay. Find the malaprops/misusage in this:

As we close the physical year's books, we've scoured every crook and nanny for incontinencies and, for all intense purposes, last year's budget demonstrated the perineal financial health we have all come to except. No holes barred.

Language is endlessly delightful.

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tone your tush with a butt-blasting blitz