Tuesday, April 24, 2007

superhero delusions

Hats off to the Rude Pundit and his treatise on Delusionality. No really, the man is fucking on target and riotously funny.

And this from boingboing.net: Real Life Underwear Perverts in the News. There's too much funny bizarreness for me to focus on in this story. Several details from thesmokinggun.com, however, stand out:

APRIL 24--Meet Dr. Raymond Adamcik. The Florida man, dressed as Captain America and with a burrito stuffed in his tights, was arrested Saturday night for allegedly groping women at a Melbourne bar. Adamcik was part of a pub crawl in which participants wore costumes. While at the On Tap bar, Adamcik, 54, allegedly touched the genital areas of two women, according to a Melbourne Police Department report. "Because there were so many cartoon characters in the bar at this time, all Captain Americas were asked to go outside for a possible identification," notes the report.
In the police report, the boyfriend of one of the assaulted woman is identified as Kenneth Tingley. Tingley, for fuckssake. It's wrong, wrong, wrong that this makes me laugh.

On a more sober note, here are some video posts of veterans who oppose the administration's war policy. The first half-dozen are quite good.

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