Tuesday, April 10, 2007

87? did i say 87? i meant to say 107. really.

The article is titled, NYC admits problems after rat infestation at fast-food restaurant

Here is a snippet:

On Feb. 22, [health inspector] Thomas documented only 87 rat droppings and didn't cite an additional 20, which would have caused the restaurant to fail the inspection and could have forced it to close immediately, the department said. The next day, video of rats scampering throughout the eatery surfaced.
Okay. Let me get this straight. Part of health inspector's jobs are to actually count (like a pharmacist?) each little piece of rodent poo and write that number down? Are the accounted droppings then gathered up as evidence or do they remain there on the crusty floor for diners to gaze at as they chow down on their drumstick-n-thigh special?

Second issue: Eighty-seven bits o' rat shit are simply not enough to close an eatery? Nope, seems that 107 is the magic number. Need 20 more or the frying continues. Wow. What if one turd breaks and "appears" to be two? That could throw the whole thing off. This shit counting is more complex than it appears. Time was a handful of rat shit was pretty much all it took.

See the fast food rat here.

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