Monday, May 28, 2007

what was i supposed to remember again?

Happy Memorial Day, people...whatever that means to each of you.
Here's another happy
eavesdropping moment from Overheard in New York:

Jesus-freak: ...And let it be known that if you disobey the holy book and God's laws, you are eternally damned.
Queer: So, what happens to me if I'm gay?
Jesus-freak: You're going to Hell in a hand basket!
Queer: Well, that hand basket better be fucking Prada, bitch!

--42nd St station
I've been too fucking busy lately...but not too busy to reflect on passing of Jerry FallDowntoHellWell. The Rude Pundit and Christopher Hitchens have so beautifully captured my sentiments I don't want to say anything more so as not to muddy up the righteous waters of their holy writ.

In other news, the city of Houston makes their street cleaning crew wear robin's-egg-blue and buttercup-yellow (<--that's buttercup-yellow) uniforms. While I applaud them for taking a stance against army green or industrial khaki, I think they've swung a little too far out on that color wheel pendulum. Those litter-stick-wielding workers look like the disgruntled section of the Easter parade.

Wish I could share more but I've got domestic chores calling me. Their voices sound just like Patty and Selma Bouvier.

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