Sunday, January 01, 2006

the year in review

It's been a good, but hard, year and I'm not sorry to be seeing it recede in my rearview mirror. Here are a couple of things that make me happy today (at this manmade juncture, New Year's Day):

Thanks to Rich for rekindling an old friendship and for this NYT article link: Why I'm happy I evolved.

Thanks to Sally for linking me to this site marketing the ridiculous overabundance of cause symbols and the perfect irony of the colon cancer bracelet color.

Then there's my 2005 discovery of Natalie Angier, a woman whose prose about science has me musing whimsically about excerpt from the Chaperoning Proteins chapter in her book The Beauty and the Beastly should be explanation enough for my enthusiasm:

    When a new protein slides off the tiny molecule assembly line within a cell, it is nothing more than a droopy string of amino acids, not yet fit for its designated profession. Only after being spun and pleated and braided into its proper three-dimensional conformation will a protein burst to life, seizing up oxygen if it is hemoglobin, shearing apart sugars if it is an enzyme, or lashing cells together if it is the stout twine of collagen.
Isn't that just the shit?

I am still awash in the glow of having a job and supervisor that make my day-to-day pursuit of a paycheck such a pleasure. A supervisor with whom it is well worth navigating the friendship/work relationship balance. You're a rare bird, Dave. (And you've got damn good taste in women I, respectfully, might add.)

And here's my last hodge-podge for the day: Peter, call me. Joe, write me (Dick York says you must). Mike & Marty, let's get together. Cyndi and Lola, I want you to come to my menopause party (if you don't get too weirded out by the idea). Sisters, I miss you. Barry, you're still my favorite private eye. Chris & Katie, don't wait until that intrauterine bundle of joy is out and about to keep us up-to-date. Bob and Kathy, loved the creche. L&M, come over while the house is clean. Eric J, let's kick up our respective sensible shoes. Eric H, habla conmigo. David & Alvin, can't wait to see you in the fall in beautiful Vancouver. Ruthie, Barbara's and my 20th anniversary may trump the 30th high school reunion this year, which doesn't mean you and I can't get together for our own small 31st reunion.

Felíz Año Nuevo, y'all.


Dave E. Crockett said...

Gosh. If I knew you were going to say nice things about me in your blog, I'd read it WAY more often.

Well, Justine and I are so blessed to be continually surrounded by people who inspire us on a regular basis.

And I'm personally lucky to be working with the most talented, creative, intuitive and brilliant people in Houston (not counting Tommy Delay).

It's also fun to surround yourself with different kinds of CRAZY so you don't get bored with your own kind of CRAZY.

And I thank you for that too.


BB, Private eye said...