Wednesday, January 04, 2006

google redeemed

I was just thinking last week (after the Christmas and New Year's logo transformations) that Google design has gone from great to sappy. If I see any more woodland creatures scampering through the "oo's" or peeking cunningly around the "l", I'm going to gag.

Then, I open today's Google and there it is. Beautiful. Google in braille. Celebrating the birth of Louis Braille. If you don't go there today, you can see the designs by year on Googles logo pages


eatsoap said...

Hey, Enita,
It’s me, Eileen.

You sound happy - that's great!
(don't look at my blog – I don’t go there – it’s a scary place – I prefer to live on other people’s blogs)

Mostly just writing to comment on your yen for putting objects on your forehead…
For the last 4 years or so, I’ve felt the urge to draw a line down the center of my face w/a grease pencil but I don’t think that would go over too well w/my clients.

As far as the 20 somethings…I’m always amazed at how they’re able to multi-task – in the hi-tech world, the ADD is working for them – I think their brains have a different synapses configuration formed by MTV 20-second image swaps and the onslaught of video-game villains hurdling from multiple slimey-pixilated vantage points. Plus they have that total lack of fear of authority – I want that! F’cking nuns got me pissing in my britches every time someone yells my name – especially if they have an Irish accent.

by the way, my secret word verification is "sblgt" - i had to wipe saliva off my chin after i tried to say it.

John D. said...

you write good. i'm a friend of Eileen's. She sent me here. I can't write. But I am funny.