Monday, July 05, 2010

not quite a collage of vocabulary mishaps

A client once asked me to take a bunch of photos and make a camouflage out of them. I tried to explain that I was so good at what I did that she wouldn't be able to see anything when I was done.

Not three months later another client asked me to make a decoupage of several pictures.

I am intrigued by a collage of d├ęcolletage, however.


knitty mcloudmouth said...

how about a fromage, or is that just too cheesy?

Epiphenita said...

...just so challenging to get the fromage to adhere to the assemblage.

Kim said...

A sales rep once came back and said the client wanted an airline border. "You know, a really THIN line." Hairline border. I hate sales reps.

Epiphenita said...

Oh. my. Airline border. That's good. Unless the rep sported a cockney accent, in which case that's just unintentionally good.

I had a marketing person tell me recently that she wanted me to add "that blue line" in an email.

By which she meant: she wanted a phrase to be linked to the website.