Monday, July 19, 2010

all good things

I wrote to a friend:

The last full day of vacation tempts some people to begin mourning the inevitable end. But vacation time is too short to waste a single minute whining about going back to one's "regular" life. Besides, one should love great swaths of one's "regular" life and not hate to return to it.
But still. I have waited to see my firstborn again these 18 months and am hard-pressed to keep every seam of my resolve sealed against sorrow. It leaks in a bit.

In my inner dictionary, his face illustrates the definition of joy.

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Anonymous said...

We SHOULD love our regular life, but sometimes vacation reminds us just how far short our real life falls. Maybe it’s a good reminder to refocus our day-to-day to more resemble the life we dream.

Unfortunately, with family separated by so many miles, it’s hard to reconcile the desire to spend more time together with the reality of geography. Sometimes the best you can do is fully experience the time you do have together, filling your heart with remembrances to get you through the drought of separation.

I’m so glad you guys had such a terrific visit. I know what it meant to you.