Sunday, April 05, 2009

back by popular demand: the easter menu

In response to my friend Martie's request and just in time for the holidays, here is the official reprint of my own...

Evolving Easter Menu
(recipes not included because creation is not a just make it up!)

30 Silver-Dollar Pancakes
Holy Ghost Cinnamon Toast
and the ever popular:
Stigmata Frittata

Crucifix Chex Mix

Son o' God Steamed Cod
with Apostle Pesto
Crucify Stir Fry
Chewed Rustic Carrots
in Stations of the Cross White Sauce
Crown o' Thorn Creamed Corn

Magdalene Cherry Tarts
Resurrection Confection
Doubting Thomas Jelly Donuts
and, of course,

Bonus pic! Years ago another wonderful friend, John Paul, invited us over for the resurrection festival. I said I'd bring an appropriate dessert. Yesterday I looked high and low for these photos. They seem to have been carried off by the dust creatures that squat in my closet. The whole exercise led to cleaning out that gulag–a task I never willingly undertake (and must trick myself by looking for something)–and tossing 85% of the shit I'd accumulated. So here is a reenactment of the brilliant Peeps Crucifix. (Unseen are the toothpicks used to impale the peeps to their styrofoam stations. That's right, kids out there in tv land, there were peep stigmatas all over the place. What good is a theme if you can't beat it to a marshmallowy pulp? Please take note of the Calvary-esque Easter grass.)

Bon Appetit to my friends, saved and damned alike.


Menchuvian Candidate said...

temptation, temptation, temptation

I know I can work the cherries into ours somewhere, but the question is whether I can slip that cross by my South Americans. I think I should try.

epiphenita said...

Hmmm. Perhaps if you mold a little Jesus out of tan Peeps Bunnies?

I don't know, it's a long shot.

e. said...

love the peeps, love the blasphemy... love everything. love you.

epiphenita said...

seriously, after a snarkless five-part series of sorrow and loss, what better way to lighten things up than with a highlighter colors peeps crucifix?

love you right back.
so. what ARE you doing for christianity's back-from-the-dead-already celebration?

knitty mcloudmouth said...

when will the pontius ham haunches be served? if there are left-overs we could put them in the last supper tupperware.

epiphenita said...

last supper tupperware. 13 pieces of glow-in-the-dark righteousness. Well, 12 pieces and 1 that's lost its glow. note to self: never store silver in tupperware.