Monday, January 05, 2009

name change and other stinky issues

Changing my name to Blah, Blah DIY Blah.

Have stopped apologizing for the narrow topic interest. Just stopped talking about it. Mostly. Haven't stopped writing about it (obviously) because you can always close the window without offending me. Unless I'm standing next to which case, keep reading.

Did you know that replacing the anode rod in your water heater can be the solution to rotten-egg scented hot water? I didn't. I didn't even know the water heater was a boy. Now, I have another fun thing to add to the list: rod replacement. The ever-growing list.

I understand that the area around the toilet might smell like urine. I don't forgive it, I just understand. When you're unpeeling 'n unsticking tile squares, you become acutely aware. But how come the tiles near the door of the bathroom smell like urine, too? That's not bad aim, that's incontinence.

In the Pollyanna version of this experience, I'm grateful it's only piss and not shit I'm smelling. Hallelujah.

Have discovered a new toxic waste removing product: Denatured Alcohol. Well, it's new to me, assholes. Anyway, it removed all this...grey tub cement residue and I've started calling it Good Natured Alcohol. But don't be fooled, this stuff has a furrowed-brow warning label, too.


Menchuvian Candidate said...

I *like* DIY posts. I like fixing things, and solving problems, and making purty what was bleh.

And now I am distracted—by rustoleum and stuff I need to do, but also by the word verification thingy, which is easily misread as "Sushihero." Can you imagine the costume for that one? Would it just be a yuppie-hipster get up, or would one roll oneself in nori? What about fish breath? Is it a super-power? I'm not sure.

epiphenita said...

that word verification is as curious as spam know how the junk filter garbles up the crappy emails and makes odd but charming lyrical nonsense?

yes. fish breath is a superpower. but it's easy to use it for evil. fight the dark side. (unless it's really fun, then exhale like the north wind.)

many years ago, my son was creating characters for his role-playing game. (he was young, so he still included me in these exercises.) he asked me what my character should be and i said a lesbian avenger with a tool belt full of superpowers.

he was not amused.

Nini's sistuh said...

I bet the area around Mom's toilet never smells like urine. Can't you just see her waiting in the shadows, cleaner in rubber-gloved hand, every time Dad exits the bathroom?

epiphenita said...

Oh fuck, that is funny.

little as in younger sistuh said...

true. i've laid my head on the floor in close proximity to toilets at mom's house. let her get THAT stink out!

epiphenita said...

I'm thinking that was sanitized before your hangover wore off. Some people sleep with a gun under their pillow. Mom tucks a nice layer of brillo pads under hers.