Thursday, January 15, 2009

holy see men

Thanks to my good friend Oliver, I now have this irritation to fuel the rest of the renovation...

Vatican: "Homosexual behavior" on the decline
10:27 AM CST on Thursday, January 15, 2009
Associated Press

WASHINGTON—A Vatican office that evaluated U.S. Roman Catholic seminaries says the schools have made improvements in halting what they call “homosexual behavior” among students.

The Vatican also says seminaries are doing well in teaching about celibacy and are generally effective in screening candidates for the priesthood.

The Vatican ordered the seminary review in response to the clergy sex abuse crisis to see whether the schools had contributed to the problem. The Vatican also directed evaluators to look for “evidence of homosexuality” in the schools.

Some Catholics blame gay clergy for the abuse scandal. Experts on sex offenders say gays are no more likely than others to molest children.
Priests have been molesting children for centuries. But it's only after all this holy-man-on-boy-action litigation that the Vatican decides to get off its red velvet ass and do something. And shifting the focus to homosexuality certainly distracts from their abominable negligence.

A couple of points.

The Vat is stating that seminaries "have made improvements in halting what they call 'homosexual behavior' among students."

"What they call 'homosexual behavior'? What the hell does that mean? Is it significantly different from what the general public calls homosexual behavior (sans quotes)?

Maybe they have some hidden gauge like for a woman's virginity...1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, tagged before home plate--phew, hymen still intact, you get to wear white! So if you just get a hard-on at the sight of a backwards collar, you might not be a homosexual? Or if you just fondle cock through the cassock, you might not be a homosexual?

And when the Vatican states that this "homosexual behavior" is on the decline...what are the metrics on that? A reduction in holy lube orders? More coordinated habit/chastity belt sets being sold? (Note: all this muck about homosexuality seems to be focused on the MEN of god, eh? What about those wicked, wicked dyke nuns? Oh, to have an old-fashioned habit!) Where is the data for this supposed drop in homo activity?

Ah, and there's the less-than-subtle segue from homosexuality to pedophilia. Nice one, Herr Pope. And see that last line? Buried under the bullshit? Experts on sex offenders say gays are no more likely than others to molest children.

Talk about your Catholic puff piece. They say that seminaries are "generally effective in screening candidates for the priesthood." What kind of limp dick assurance is that? Why would anyone feel safer letting their offspring near a priest?

Aw shit. Why would anyone expect lifelong sexual frustration to NOT create serious problems?

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e. said...

have you seen the website for recruiting priests in nyc?

and be sure to go right to the "am i called?" section:

please note the young, strapping lad under section one used to help pull in potential abusers, i'm sure.

gotta love the catholics.