Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I'm not feeling holiday-esque this year. Not upset about it, just not interested. It probably doesn't help that the temperature was in the mid-70's today. Even a cold weather hater like myself needs it a couple of degrees lower for any hope of Christmasy feeling.

A cold front was promised for tonight. I mean cold, like in the 30's. A 40-degree drop was not what I had in mind but, let's face it, Nature is completely disinterested in my weather preferences. So, I'm driving home from work with the windows open and warm breeze blowing. By the time I get to the house, the sky is that dark, brooding gray-blue that I love...but the sun is shining in such a way that the trees against the sky stand out in bright contrast. Like a negative. One of the rare times I rue not being a photographer.

In the twenty foot journey from car to the house, the temperature drops 10 degrees. I actually walk through the front wall of a cold front.


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jhkirkendall said...

What a lovely post. I remember those days, too. I loved the pure drama of those big cold fronts!