Saturday, December 01, 2007

really pathetic stuff

Did you know there was a World Rock-Paper-Scissors Society? With competitions? In which people devise strategies to win?

What could be more lame than this? Let's see. Button-Sewing Olympics? A Light-Bulb-Changing Race? The Keyboard-Cleaning Relay?

I'm concerned. Are any of you out there in RPS training? Are you flexing your digits right now and peering into your opponent's eyes for hints of paper?


Dr. Aether said...

I'm too busy practicing for the US Air Guitar Championships to put in the time necessary to become a great Rock, Paper, Scissor opponent.

Epiphenita said...

Wow. That's righteous.

fimbulwinter said...

Actually, RPS is considered inferior to Rochambeau, European Rules RPS. A much more civilized, pure form of the game.


Epiphenita said...

oh sweet baby jesus, we are still talking about rocks beat scissors beat paper. rochambeau, my derrière.

there are "galleries" selling Giclée prints at foolish prices but ink jet printing is ink jet printing even when sporting a french name.

StevensVox said...

LOL, that does not suprise me. Enita, you will love this, Wolf and I bought that Nintendo DS Game specifically for those Brian-Age games (because we are getting older, our minds are getting slower and we need all the help we can get). And the ‘game’ that determines your ‘Brain-Age’ now is Rock- Paper-Scissors!! Seriously, it will ask you to win or lose that 'hand', and show you an image of a hand in a ‘Rock-Paper-Scissors’ formation. Then you have to say 'Rock or paper or Scissors' VERY CLEARLY or it gets marked against then you. Then it goes to the next image 9 more times. The game ‘grades’ you on speed and accuracy. Wolf’s ‘Brain-Age’ is 80 and mine is ‘62’.
So maybe the 'World Rock-Paper-Scissors Society' is for better 'Brain-Age' scores! said...

Fuckin' wow.

I never was too good at RPS.

But my keyboard is sparkling!