Monday, July 16, 2007

new yarmulke for your putz

The Houston Press cover article this week is entitled "The Fantastic Foreskin." First of all, kudos to the clever writer who penned that. Anyway, the article is about circumcised men who feel that they are "missing something" and employ all sorts of weights and pulleys to "create" a new beanie for their little guy.

Hmmm. I am pretty adamantly opposed to circumcision, even though I succumbed to pressure and had my son circumcised twenty-odd years ago. (Actually, it was witnessing that procedure that cemented my opposition to this archaic and unnecessary practice.)

However, reversing the process seems problematic. Like making a turtleneck out of a scoop neck by stretching it. Seems like the end result would be...I don't know, ill-fitting.


Dave said...

Like trying to turn footies into knee-socks.

You might be able to stretch it, but man, it ain't gonna be comfortable.

Barry Baxter said...

Such a barbaric and unnecessary practice. Happy to say my son is intact although his dads aren't. To those who whine that "foreskins require extra cleaning" I am always delighted to say "Yes, so do our ears but we don't cut them off."