Friday, July 06, 2007

bulletin to houston motorists

Signal first. Brake second.


Some guy who wishes we had autodrive cars already said...

You're funny!

Next you're going to ask people to pull the fuck over when an ambulance/fire truck are behind them, instead of stopping dead in the street as if to say "I can't figure out what to do, so you just go around me."

But then all the mouth-breathing, acetone-sniffing trogs fail to realize that their brethren in each adjoining lane are doing the exact same thing, effectively creating a brain-damaged monkey roadblock.

And you know the only use for a brain-damaged monkey is filler in Lion Chow.

Epiphenita said...

And the other corollary to using your signal theory is:
Driving the speed limit (or less)? Get in the goddamn right lane. Right lane, idiots. The left lane is for passing your slow ass.

Lion Chow filler. Nice.