Friday, July 15, 2005

darwin award nominees

Every single week I read a news heading in the paper that goes like this:

  • Man killed crossing the freeway
  • Woman hit by truck trying to get across highway
  • Pedestrian struck while running from fast lane to shoulder
I'm flummoxed. People! We've got a physics dilemma here: Cars fast, people slow.

Wait on the shoulder, walk to the next exit and go under.
Yes, it sucks, but so do eighteen wheels.

Okay, do what you want. Go ahead and take yourself out of the gene pool.


Gena said...

Oh Geez, you're gonna get it. As bleeding heart younger sister and PEDESTRIAN PLANNER, I see I've got LOTS of educating to do here...BUT you also know my priorities and it's after 5pm on payday Friday, no children this weekend, fun and frolick await me. Here's a teaser - the automobile has destroyed our social and physical environment, throw in the poor soul who can't afford one but is stocking the shelves at your favorite home improvement store taking the 5am bus to an 8am job and now you want her to walk in the heat and rain an additional mile to avoid the motorists. Plan for pedestrians FIRST and you end up with a city intermindgled with good land use, slow but steady movement of people and goods, damn it, I've killed the phantom buzz I was getting at 4:20, I better go...Love you like non other Neen.

Epiphenita said...

Of course. We're a country of elite boneheads. And those who stock our shelves and weed our medians are virtually invisible to the urban planners. Your point, dear sister, is well taken.

However, that doesn't mean that the poor slobs should throw it all away under some luxury SUV tooling along at 70mph!!

(Thanks for the pedestrian consciousness nudge...)