Friday, June 25, 2004

post test post

well, it´s official. the subjunctive has kicked my ass. i don´t know how i did on the exam but i am pretty sure i didn´t ace it and half as sure that i didn´t fail.

i´m not even getting a grade and i got all bunged up about it. damn the man. in any event it´s over and all i have to do is get my stuff ready to move and cross off the days before seeing barbara. how do you say sappy in spanish? i´m all that.

i´m in my favorite internet place. my 7-year old friend, michele, is speaking spanish v-e-r-y slowly to me. i just love the kid. his uncle runs the place so he´s always in here playing when there´s free machine. i´m afraid i´m learning more spanish talking with him about vice city than i did from my literature class...of course, knowing how to say chainsaw (cierra electrica) makes me happier than it would most women.

now it´s time for my celebratory coca cola light with lemon. boy do i know how to live. actually, i´m actually going out tonight. for a real drink or two. woohoo.

i once heard an old wives´ tale that eating really late, just before going to bed, would give you nightmares. i´d be a wreck if that were true. we finish our evening meal between 10-10:30pm and i´m usually in bed within the hour. of course the rest of the country is out and about until at least 1am. not me, i am an 8-hour-a-night kinda gal.


Anonymous said...

Hola mujer, como te va? Estoy enojada porque no me has respondido. Como quieres calificar bien en espanol si no me dejas ayudarte? Bueno, no hay termino para decir "kick my " en espanol, porque no tenemos que decir eso porque ya hablamos espanol. Que bueno que tienes el amigo. Por lo menos te puedes comunicar con alguien, aunque solamente puedan hablar de los juegos de video. Dale paciensia al SUBJUNTIVO. Bueno, te dejo, no tengo nada interesante que decirte. -Ada

Anonymous said...
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