Tuesday, June 01, 2004

if it´s martes this must be salamanca

it is strange to blog. it´s so public and i´m afraid i´m going to edit out the truthful, however catty, remarks that i make everyday. and lose something in the process. one more self-conscious remark: i normally do not write in lowercase but getting used to european keyboards and the desire to set my writing apart during this 10-week stay in spain has me giving in to this method. it feels lazy or trendy for me. my inner puritan harps on me to go the extra mile and use the shift key, else my pinkies like the rest of me will become slothful.

the predictable summer/travel cold has found its way into my throat. and predictable feelings of alienation and the ever present barbara-sickness have combined to give me a dose of "nostalgia" which seems too wistful a translation to describe my homesickness.

tomorrow we are tested for placement in a level of spanish. hope i don´t freak out during testing and forget everything i´ve learned and find myself in the calle de sesame clase.

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